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A trip coming up!

Published on 29 May 2009 by in English, General News

This Sunday we’re planning to go to the beach..
It’s going to be a very sunny day with a very nice temperature and Monday is a day off so what better idea can we have to take our cavs and go to the beach for a nice walk 🙂

We’ll be going in the late afternoon so hopefully it won’t be too crowded as it’ll be Qnotje’s first time at the beach… I think she’ll start running and running and running and running and running… for at least until she’s out of sight 🙂 But then she’ll definitely turn around and do some more running with those ears flapping around 🙂

Qwebble will probably try to follow her at first but eventually give up and Qwick, well he’ll probably be anxious at us to throw a toy away so he can fetch it 😉 The beach is like the only place he’ll play fetch with us.. Why I don’t have a clue but it’s definitely going to be FUN!!

Let the weekend begin! 😉

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