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All sorts of things :)

Christmas is coming closer and we’re all looking forward to our 2 weeks off work that’ll start at the end of this week..

But last Saturday we went to visit Qnotje’s breeder and of course we took our little devil/angel with us.. She was quite surprised with her and she was very positive about her as well! The only remark she had was that Qnotje is a bit too skinny so I guess we need to do something about that 🙂 So now Qnotje is gradually getting a bit more food, she doesn’t mind that though!

Oh and on Sunday we went on the christmas walk with ‘t Meuteke again.. the weather was cold but it was very nice! The only downside was that the dogs couln’t run around for free as we’re used to on those walks but other then that it was awesome!

Pictures can be found on my forum (http://www.cavalierforum.org) as well as on the website of ‘t Meuteke (http://www.cavaliermeuteke.com)

Thank you for viewing!
And of course Happy Holidays and all the best wishes for 2009 for all of you!

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