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An introduction with Duck and a night in hell

Or almost 😉

Well as of last Sunday Qnotje has been introduced to Duck (Frozen Meat).. We were wondering how she would react but we could have guessed though.. Even worse then when she gets her dry food.. She acted as she has never had any food before in her entire life.. So I think it’s obvious she does like it 😉
So now every day I take Duck out of the freezer for the 3 of them.. It’s hilarious to see the ritual that goes on in our house when we even seem to be going to take their food barges.. They start to act like a bunch of crazy wild dogs that haven’t had a decent meal in months..
I think outsiders would even believe it 😀

Oh and Wednesday evening I took both Qwebble and Qnotje to the dogschool again.. First it was Qwebble’s turn to do her agility training but oh boy.. She was in one of her moods again.. but at least she made everybody laugh that was around.. As long as she was on the leash there was no problem at all, her tail was waggling and she would jump over and on to everything she came around.. But then.. the leash went off and she did it AGAIN.. She would just sit their, flatten her ears, stick her tongue out and waggle her tail but simply refused to do ANYTHING.. Even the instructor lifted her and try to make her move.. She would move one paw then sit down again.. It was quite hilarious to look at but also a bit embarassing.. I REALLY hope that it will get better.. They told me to be patient and I will try it for a while but if she keeps doing that I think I’ll need to stop.. But that’s just the worst part, I don’t think she doesn’t like it cause on the lead she’s so happy.. So I’m starting to think she’s a bit afraid.. She has been there only 3 times and I think she’s just scared to be on her own.. So we’re going to keep trying for now :p
After Qwebble it was Qnotje’s turn.. But that was showtraining so a lot less stressful, or at least you would think it would be.. Last time she stood almost the entire lesson with me having tell her very often but this time.. no mommy I don’t want to stand on my feet.. I rather sit down and NO I’m not getting on my feet.. you can hold me up but I won’t do it myself.. If you don’t support me I’m going to sit down, whether you like it or not.. Result I had to put her back the ENTIRE lesson.. Some days are just not suited to train with your cavalier.. Wednesday was one of those days…
I can only hope things will go better next week 😉


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