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Back to business..

Published on 13 October 2008 by in Dog News

Well vacation has ended again.. (It was too short of course)

Back at work as of today, but also to the normal routine again.. This is a good thing though, especially for our pups.. They’ve had quite a rough time when we were on vacation, all 3 of them had diarrea and it’s only a few days that all of them are fine again.

We’re very happy that all of them are feeling great again because we really missed them when we were on our trip, but even in Czech Republic they have Cavaliers 🙂 We saw one Ruby when we were visiting Prague and we also came across this Poster
A poster of a Cavalier.. When we saw this we HAD to take a picture of it 🙂
Our trip has been great (except for missing Qwick, Qwebble and Qnotje of course) and our homecoming was even better when we found them home already and they just were all over us the first days we were home.. So much love and hugs 😉

We didn’t forget them either.. Cause right before we left, I ordered puppia’s for all of them..
And here they are showing them 😉
The Q-Cavaliers in their Puppia

Qwick\'s puppia

Qwebble\'s puppia

Qnotje\'s puppia

Don’t they look cute? 🙂

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Q-Cavaliers [Qwick, Qarrotje, Qwebble and Qnotje]