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Having a dog and going out to work?

Published on 22 January 2009 by in English, Misc

Writing this post is mostly because I know there are quite different opinions among dog owners whether or not someone that owns a dog should be going out to work or not..

Well my opinion is quite clear on this matter.. I think there shouldn’t be any reason why not.. It’s not because two people both have fulltime jobs that their dogs are neglected or loved any less then people who are home a lot more. But I do think a dog shouldn’t be left entirely on its own for whole days.. That’s why we have 3 šŸ˜‰

I know for a fact that I love my dogs with whole my heart and that I look after them as if they were my kids! I feel guilty sometimes when I go out for work but that mostly just me cause I want to be with them the whole day.. But being realistic in these times and wanting to be able to give them everything they need and something extra.. Then owning a house and wanting to be able to live normally you have to have fulltime jobs or you just won’t make it..

We both go out to work and yes our dogs are alone 8 – 9 hours a day but they don’t mind.. They always get something to keep them busy for a few hours and when the weather is nice they have an area in our yard (completely fenced!!) where they can play and enjoy the weather or just simply get inside and sleep.Ā  In the future this will even get better when we finish our yard šŸ˜‰

I personally think that in most cases it’s the people that have more problems with leaving them at home then the dogs themselves.. I do agree though that they need to get used to this situation as soon as possible!Ā  When we got Qwebble and Qnotje, the first few months I did come home during lunch to put them outside for a bit and neither of them had any objects to get back in their crates in the morning or the afternoon.. They mostly enjoyed getting in there..

So I do think dogs could be owned when 2 persons go out to work but I do think that arrangements need to be made so that they are comfortable and have everything they need (fresh water, …) .Ā  Our dogs are happy dogs, I’m VERY sure of that and when we are home we love them twice as much to compensate for the times when we are out šŸ˜‰


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