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How someone can fall in love with their dog(s)…

Published on 1 July 2008 by in Dog News, English, Misc

Fellow Cavalier owners will probably know what I mean by that..
Actually it’s hard to explain why it happens if you don’t have a Cavalier running around in your house..
The thing is that they are just way too adorable not to fall in love with them..

This weekend I was home alone with them since David was at his sister’s, and they were running around inside the house and in our backyard.. After a few hours of playing they were all tired and sleepy.. So Qwebble put herself down on the floor to take a nap.. Qnotje was sleepy as well, so she lay down next to Qwebble and this is how they slept:

Look how adorable they are.. Qnotje’s little foot on top of Qwebble..
Only last night, they were on the lawn (didn’t have my camera with me) and Qnotje slept with her head on top of Qwebble’s back.. It was so cute to look at..

And it’s not just that.. It’s mostly they way they behave.. They utterly adore you.. If they could, they would follow you EVERYWHERE.. They bury you with love and they will never stop.. Laying on your lap is one of their favourite spots..

These are all 3 of them together … (Qwick wasn’t so happy, since they all just had been showered and he basically doesn’t like it)
Qwick - Qwebble - Qnotje
Don’t they look cute together?

Lieve ~ totally in love with her Cavaliers ~

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Q-Cavaliers [Qwick, Qarrotje, Qwebble and Qnotje]