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My Cavalier Charm

Published on 26 June 2008 by in English, General News

A few months ago I was googling a bit and I came across the most beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel charms I’d ever seen..

Initially I wanted to order one for David as well as for me, but when he found out he was like “I don’t want something like that, I’m a guy you know, I don’t wear a necklace”. So I was somewhat disappointed cause I really thought I could surprise him with something like that.. At that time I gave up and decided not to order anything..

A few weeks ago (after going back to that site to look at them a few times) I decided to order one for myself anyway.. (If David didn’t want one, fine by me, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t order one for myself ;))
So I placed the order for a Charm and a necklace (since I needed one of those as well). I had been in contact with the people that made them (since it had to come from America) about transportation and stuff like that so I was quite ok that it would be ok…

First I got an email that they received my order and that it would take a week or two for it to get finished before they could mail it to me..
Then after a week or 2 I got the message that it was on its way.. I could barely wait to get it home.. About a week later there was this big brown envelop in my mailbox and I was sooooo excited :D..

I opened it and this is what I saw:
My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel charm

Don’t you think it’s BEAUTIFUL?

I’m really thrilled with the result and I can’t do more then tell you my experience and if you’re looking for something like this, go visit their site.. It’s really worth it!
The shop
And this is the link to the necklace itself

Oh and the best thing.. I got it deliverd at home for less then €45!!! (Necklace + Charm + Transportation costs)

Perhaps an early idea for a christmas present? 😉


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  1. Great comment, love the design of the site too.

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