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General Update

Published on 5 December 2012 by

First of all our apologies for the lack of vacation pictures… Due to some clumsiness our camera fell on a rock during our vacation, as a result we don’t have that many pictures. We have some, but we still need to make a selection. I hope to do this one of the coming weeks.

As for the Q-Cavaliers there is some news about Qwick. The last couple of weeks our little guy isn’t doing so well. He’s having problems with his hind legs and getting up on our floors. We’ve already seen our vet and he has some extra meds, but we don’t see any improvement 🙁 We’re afraid that if it continues to get worse we will have to make a hard decision. However we do realize he’s almost 13 which is rather old for a Cavalier but still… I just hope he can manage to move around for a while longer! He’s still very cheerful and waggles his tail almost all the time!

Secondly there is also some health news concerning Qarrotje. She needs to go to the vet on Friday to get some teeth pulled and the others cleaned. Since she has MVD there is an extra risk involved, but we have no other choice as her rotten teeth are giving her other health issues. So I’m asking you all to cross your fingers this Friday and hope for the best! Our vet is pretty hopeful since she’s doing so great the last couple of years. Her heart murmur has been stable since we got her. I’ll keep you posted!

I’ll leave it to this for now, just think about Qarrotje on Friday! I’m sure she’ll pull through with all your support!


BBQ & cavjesrun

Published on 3 September 2012 by

Yesterday it was the annual BBQ of ‘t Meuteke, the Cavalier walking club. Traditionally they organize a “Cavjesrun” to see who has the fastest Cavalier :-). The last couple of years there first was a run between the different colors, this year they opted to make it age-based. For the past 2 years, Qnotje has won, so this year we were wondering if she could still defend her title. Both Qwebble & Qnotje would participate in the group of Cavaliers between 4 and 8 years old (the biggest group). Qarrotje “participated” in the group of 8+. Qwick wasn’t allowed to participate because of his back problem.
Result: Qnotje ran not in a straight line which caused her to loose her title… BUT Qwebble took over the honor from Qnotje and won the run! So now we have 2 champions 🙂 Other contestants already started discussing that our dogs should be disqualified next year 😉 or simply would not be allowed to participate… 😀
As the evening progressed, Qarrotje & Qwick had the time of their lives, since everybody gave them scraps… Qnotje on the other hand simply wanted to go home.. We think she didn’t like all the fuss and all the other dogs… (Or she was simply pouting because she lost??? Who knows…) So after an afternoon filled with fun and awesome food, we went home.
Look at this picture and tell us how we could resist going home when we saw that truly unhappy look on her face 🙂

Guess who wanted to go home?


Qwick update & Qarrotje’s workout

Published on 14 July 2012 by

This morning I took Qwick to Dr. Kathleen to make sure everything was ok. After he got painkillers yesterday he was doing better but I wanted to be sure. Apparently he’s got a hernia in his lower back, so now he’ll stay on those pain meds for a while and he’s supposed to be resting a lot. Right now he’s being a very good dog and snoring happily away next to me on the floor.

Before we left I was finally able to make a short video featuring Qarrotje and her daily morning workout. I think it’s SUPER cute, but I’ll still let you decide for yourself.


Poor Qwick!

Published on 13 July 2012 by

Apparently Qwick hurt his back paw(s) yesterday… Since this afternoon he’s completely lost and he wakes up whining… The poor thing. I already called the da and we’re having an appointment first thing in the morning and I could give him something for the pain…

It breaks my heart seeing him like this… I hope dr Kathleen can help him tomorrow… For now I’m just carrying him around the place…

Let’s hope he feels better soon!


Find the real animal

Published on 15 June 2012 by

I think you can guess who always tries to be the cutest around here… Don’t you think so?

One is a stuffed animal, the other is real… Where does one start and the other one end?

Qarrotje sleeping with Qnotje’s bear!

Q-Cavaliers [Qwick, Qarrotje, Qwebble and Qnotje]