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Qnotje in her first heat and website updated!

As you can see in the title Qnotje is in her first heat!!!!! After 11 months she’s finally “growing up” a bit more 🙂 We’re very excited about this cause we hope it’ll improve the relationship between Qnotje and Qwick 😉 So far Qwick didn’t love Qnotje that much with all her puppy fuss and her too much energy but we think this will all change now 🙂

I had to go and buy another puppy gate yesterday cause we’ll need to separate those two the following weeks when we’re not home so we don’t have any unpleasant surprises in the future but it’s all for the greater good 😉 Qnotje is also really changing a lot the last couple of weeks, she’s really starting to get rid of the puppy look and more and more I recognize her dad in her. I like that 😉 She’s really turning into a very stunning lady!
I’ll try to make some new pictures of her very soon, but with all that energy it’s not so easy to take a good picture of her 😉

As for the website, I finally came around to do some updates on there as well.. I updated the personal pages of our dogs and I plan to add some extra pictures as well. So feel free to have another look around 😉

The Forum has been upgraded as well and feel free to let me know what you think of it 😉 I added a link to it on the top menu bar or just click here: http://www.cavalierforum.org
Thank you!


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