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Qwebble becomes lazy…

The most unbelievable thing is happening.. Qwebble is becoming LAZY!!

Yes, yes, our little hyperactive girl is finally slowing down.. She’s at times even MORE lazy then Qwick!!!!
I know.. it’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth!

Only last night (and trust me, it’s not a 1-night-thingy) we were getting ready to go outside with them for their sleep-potty-break and well she was just too LAZY to get up on her feet so we could get her leash on.. She’s been acting like this for a while now but it’s getting worse.. Last week David even CARRIED her to were they do potty instead of her walking herself..

I do think she’s becoming more and more like her daddy though.. It’s always a pain to get him out of bed as well.. Perhaps it’s like they say “Like mother, like daughter” but now it’s more like “Like daddy, like doggy”..

But still I prefer her a bit more calm then she has been 😉

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