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Some scary news..

Yesterday I was reading on an English Cavalier Forum and I came across this thread (the site might load slow)  http://board.cavaliertalk.com/showthread.php?t=28664

I was shocked to read that little Minnie got killed by a German Shepherd 🙁

Then I started thinking what I would do if something like that would happen to any of ours.. When David read the story he was surprised as well cause honestly we never realized that this could actually happen.. I know it sounds silly but we never really came across an aggressive dog at least not one that would be running around..  If I would be the owner of an aggressive dog at least I would make sure that it was NEVER on the loose and especially not in a dog park as described there..

Needless to say that we will be more careful as of now every time we come across a larger dog with our furbabies.. I think I would go completely insane if something like that would happen to Qwick, Qwebble or Qnotje..

For all Dutch talking people, I made a topic about it on the forum as well where you can put your opinions.. Voor alle Nederlandstaligen, kijk op het forum,d aar staat het ook..


A message to Claire and Cara.. Lots and lots of hugs from all of us in these tough times.. We’re all thinking of you!! Take care!

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