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Voor meer filmpjes, ga naar ons YouTube Kanaal.

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  1. Patti

    We have two Cavilers, a Ruby colored named Chloe and a black and tan named Maddie. Your dogs remind me of ours. Maddie is the mother of Chloe. Maddie at one year was rescued from a horrible puppy mill, pregnant with 5 pups. Maddie is 4 now and Chloe is 3. They are the delights of my life, they are not dogs to us more like our children.
    Maddie is still skittish because from the scares of her life at the puppy mill, but she is now a happy, loving little dog and I am so thrilled we have her. I was not going to adopt one her puppies, but…………..one was left out of the five she had and I could not bare her going to the human society.
    Enjoyed your pictures and videos.

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